Saturday, March 8, 2014

Vibrations of the Infinite

Using the outer light, return to insight.  ~ Tao Te Ching

Diane McGregor, Vibration II, graphite on paper, 2x6 inches

 Those spaces between, 
however narrow, 
finite but possessing 
the clearest sense of infinitude, 
they reverberate, 
The spaces between seconds, 
in negative rhythm, 
the substance of time. 
Those moments between 
 between the connection 
and the shuttering of eyes.  

~ Michael Boiano


Michael Kessler said...

That is where all the information is

Diane McGregor said...

Precisely, Michael! Thanks for your comment.

Dara Mark said...

"And in the moment between the breathing in and the breathing out lay hidden all the secrets of the Infinite Garden." from the Essene Book of Peace

Diane McGregor said...

Thank you, Dara. That is so perfect and so beautiful! I will look up the Essene Book of Peace.